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Advance Grammar

  1. Simple Past Tenses
  2. Past Tense of “To Be”
  3. Past Tense of “To Have”
  4. Past Continuous Tense
  5. Past Perfect Tense
  6. Simple Present Tense
  7. Present Tense of “To Be”
  8. Present Tense of “To Have”
  9. Present  Perfect  Tense
  10. Simple Future  Tense
  11. Future  Tense of “To Be”
  12. Future  Tense of “To Have”
  13. Future  Continuous Tense
  14. Formula of  Tenses at a Glance
  15. Use of  Models
  16. Types of Adjective
  17. Common Grammar Mistakes
  18. Direct & Indirect Speech
  19. Some Advance Idioms & Phrases
  20. Use of Modals