What is personality?

Dear friends, I am very happy to share some of my views on personality development because from last few years I’m working on it. You know in corporate sector what kind of culture is going on and the same culture is going on in education field also but there are some people unaware about the importance of personality development.

What is personality? It is a combination of two words person and ability. So a person’s ability to prove him/her self in all walks of life in front of the society and becoming a better version of yourself  is a personality.

In most of the company while taking interview they just want to check your ability and strength to handle the situations and circumstances. It means they want total development in all fields, a bunch of qualities including management qualities with zero defects. Many experts and management trainees have worked on it and found some new methods on total personality development not only in job sector but also in relationship management with company, boss, employees and personal relationships as well. And that’s why meditation, yoga, playing games, motivational training programmes are taking place.

So I always suggest my students and friends to use common sense in every work then everything will be very easy.  Everyday you can take new challenges in your life, don’t run from the situation or give up just figure out some points what is lacking in you, work on it and build your confidence.

Dream is necessary in life. Without knowing your dream you can’t reach on top of the mountain. So decide what do you want to do and what do you want to become or have in life that’s your choice. I will definitely guide you all in your development about language and personality development.

Thanks, make your life healthy and happy.